Whistlepig 10 Year Old 100% Straight Rye Whiskey 700ml


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                                        Whistlepig 10 Year Old 100% Straight Rye whisky 700ml / 50%

A hard-to-find, award-winning 100% rye whisk(e)y created by Maker’s Mark’s former master distiller, Dave Pickerell. Distilled and initially aged in Canada, before years of further ageing at WhistlePig farm in Vermont, this is, as owner Raj Bhakta puts it, ‘a Canadian-US collaboration to the core50

Whistle Pig produces a 100 proof, straight rye Whiskey, aged for at least ten years through a unique double-barrel process. Whistle Pig embodies the perfect combination of proof, purity, and age hitting the sweet spot in all three categories, In short, more rye, all the proof, and the perfect age.

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