23rd Street Distillery Hybrid Whisky 700mL


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Head Distiller Graham Buller collected prime barrels of Scotch whisky and American Bourbon whiskey, with a dream of creating his perfect blend.  The Scotch has an average of five years barrel maturation and the Bourbon two, while the final blend has gone back into bourbon barrels for finishing.

An experiment in blending that references a practise common to the Japanese industry. ‘Hybrid’ is apt: Head distiller, Graham Buller imported prime barrels of Scotch whisky (average 5 years old) and American Bourbon (2 years old) with the intent of creating his perfect whisky. Following a blending period, the final result was finished in x Bourbon barrels.

Tasting note: Bright gold. Slightly, acidic / alcoholic lift to the opening inhalations. A few minutes softens the aroma introducing vanilla and a fruity edge – baked apple? Wine soaked pears? Mildly oily entry develops with a cream-textured, vanilla, fruity, honied malt profile and excellent palate length. Light grassiness at the finish. Concludes gently woody, peppery, beeswaxy. A confident, clean, lighter bodied whisky that’s easy to like. 42.3% Alc./Vol.

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