SKYY Vodka Pure 1000ml


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Introduced in San Francisco in 1992, the brand was created by Maurice Kanbar who set out to distill a vodka devoid of impurities called congeners. The result of his pursuit was a column-distilled spirit made from American grain and essentially pure water, which is then subjected to rigorous filtration. The vodka is bottled at 80-proof. SKYY does a superb job extolling the virtues of neutral vodkas. Its lightweight body is pristine and satiny textured. Its initial entry warms the mouth slightly before sliding away into a clean, crisp finish. The distillery expanded the range with SKYY 90, an elegant wheat vodka made in a 5-column continuous still from wheat and spring water drawn from the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Bottled at 90-proof, its elevated alcohol content gives the vodka more tingle on the palate with nary a trace of harshness. Its finish is long and refreshing.

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