Glengoyne Balbaina Single Malt Scotch Whisky (1000ml)


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Rich brown sugar, with raisins, dried apple and cloves

The rich depth of Balbaína is the result of careful maturation, with a heart of first-fill European oak sherry casks.

At the heart of Glengoyne Balbaína: hand-selected first fill sherry casks. We are not alone – for centuries, the winemakers of Balbaína have prized sherry wood above all others.

Our choice of European oak brings an intense and spicy character, the ideal partner for Glengoyne Balbaína as it matures in our stone-built warehouses at Dumgoyne.


  • Alcohol    :  43% ABV
  • Appearance   :   Rich amber
  • Nose    :    Warming, with spiced raisin, biscuit, maple syrup and cloves
  • Taste     :    Brown sugar with dried apple, toffee and sherry richness
  • Finish     :   Dry with soft oak, ground spice and citrus

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