Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold Single Malt Scotch Whisky 700mL


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From the coldest distillery in Scotland they only select casks laid down during the Scottish winter months to create Dalwhinnie Winter’s Gold. It honours the influence that the cold has on the Dalwhinnie, rich single malt whisky.

“An indulgent, honeyed Dalwhinnie that is comforting, rich and sweet, with notes of heather and peat and a spicy warmth”

NOSE : Broad, firm, smooth and clean, yet with a compelling, sweet, honeyed, dessert character. Fragrant, smooth waxiness underscores glimpses of fruit.

BODY : Medium in body. Soft and golden syrup-smooth.

PALATE : A balancing ripe autumn-fruit tartness. Growing spicy, with gingerbread; then denser with rich malt loaf, molasses and mint; and later soft, distant smoke.

FINISH : Lingering and comforting with a pleasingly chewy conclusion. Smooth and unctuous with sweet malt, raisins and dark chocolate.

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