Cross Keys Gin 700ml


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1000 miles north from Berlin, between blooming marshes of Lithuania and stony Estonian islands, lays the crown jewel of Eastern Baltic coast R ga, the capital of Latvia. This city has always bred all kinds of rebels: it was the cradle of Reformation, hub of revolutionaries and homestead of anarchists. Its history has inspired unique and rebellious drinks as well.

The first was the famous Herbal Bitter Riga Black Balsam an alchemic experiment of 1752 with its still secret recipe, and the latest is Cross Keys gin. Created by the same master distiller who blends Balsam today, the gin takes its name from crossed keys an ancient symbol of urban hospitality and part of Riga s heraldry.

TASTE – Smooth on the palate. Perfect harmony of sweetness and bitterness. Juniper combination with chamomile and linden blossom.

APPEARANCE – Crystal clear, shiny

AROMA – Sweet notes of chamomile and linden blossom combined with spicy notes of juniper

FINISH – Smooth and strong, yet pleasant. Bittersweet, combination of botanicals.

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