Brogans Way Royal Blood Gin (700ml)


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Brogans Way Royal Blood Gin (700ml)ss=”description”>Tasting note: The racehorse in the collection, with more depth and power all round.The spice-shop bouquet evokes curry leaf, cardamom, white pepper and hints of liquorice root through the juniper. Creamy and concentrated attack is also nicely balanced; a melting pot of citrus and cardamom followed by vibrant peppers, a touch of liquorice root and lemon thyme to finish. Powerful, full-flavoured gin with a moreish mouthfeel. 57.2% Alc./Vol.

Distilled in Melbourne. Brogan’s Royal Blood Gin is the savoury sensation that is her navy strength gin. Something a bit special, complex with a lingering cardamom heat, at 57.2% it has a bit of a kick. Herbal aromas and flavours from the rosemary and bay leaf are seasoned with Australian sea parsley, saltbush and roasted wattle seed giving plenty of good mouthfeel.

Juniper forward, dry, slightly citrus, and extremely savoury. With herbal and aromatic characters of fresh vapour distilled rosemary leaf, supported by bay leaf, olive leaf and black peppercorns, that are amplified by the Australian natives of spicy mountain pepper leaf, fragrant and savoury salt bush and salty sea parsley. A bold amount of roasted native wattle seeds lengthens the finish and exaggerates the heat of green cardamom.

A winner in a dry Martini and a Dirty G&T with a slice of apple to garnish.

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