Chartreuse Coffret Miniature Collection 6 x 30ml


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Produced in France by the Carthusian Fathers since 1764 according to a traditional recipe that has remained secret and known to only two monks.

More than 130 plants and herbs, macerated in grape alcohol and then distilled, make up its recipe. No additives or artificial colours are used in its composition. Best enjoyed ice-cold, as a digestif or as a cocktail.

1 x Le Genepi Traditional Liqueur 40% 30mL

1 x Chartreuse Green Liqueur 1605 D’Elixir 56% 30mL

1 x Chartreuse MOF Liqueur 45% 30mL

1 x Chartreuse Liqueur du Centenaire 47% 30mL

1 x Chartreuse Green Liqueur 55% 30mL

1 x Chartreuse Yellow Liqueur 43% 30mL

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