Big Tree Distillery Seasonal Cumquat Double Distilled Gin 700ml


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Seasonal Cumquat infused and double distilled GiN. We continue to foraged enough cumquats to make this very popular stand out citrusy smooth gin. It’s a delicious drop. So why not zest up your life and grab a bottle.

We are always guided by the seasons on the farm so decided to have a bit of fun and produce an ever-changing gin to reflect the seasons and life on the farm. These beautiful gins are carefully thought out with much trial and error to perfect recipes, forage and pick produce that we think are lovely and seasonal. Some are infused delicately and some are steeped and aged for months to become more liqueur gins. There is always an ever-changing array of produce available locally. From kumquats to rhubarb, elderflower, cherries and sloe berries to name a few. A seasonal drop that depending on the ingredients can be beautifully refreshing in summer or full of flavour oozing warmth ideal for sipping on a cold winter’s night.

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