Baitz Coffee Brazil Liqueur (500ml)


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A coffee liqueur is a somewhat complex product, even though the basic flavour component is derived from a single source, namely – the coffee bean. There are two basic varieties of coffee bean, Arabica and Robusta. These two varieties may vary infinitely depending upon country of origin, topography, climatic conditions and soil characteristics. The coffee derived from the various beans can be further influenced by variations in degree of roast, coarseness of grind and length and temperature of extraction. Skillful blending is therefore required to produce a consistent, quality result.The liqueur is made using a sweetened spirit extract of coffee which is then coloured brown. Baitz use a blend of the finest Brazillian coffee beans together with matured Australian rum and imported spices. The resulting liqueur has a rich volatile coffee aroma which carries through to the palate. There are now many variations of this popular liqueur available on the market. Baitz Coffee Brazil has an alcohol content of 23%.

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