Anther Charismatica Gin 700ml


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47% Abv | 700mL

Charismatica is the brainchild of Trish Brew (Gin Palace, Winner of Bar Manager of the Year 2018) and Zee Gallo (Lily Blacks, 1806).
Trish and Zee are the passionate bartenders who won our 2017 Cocktail Competition – and won the chance to collaborate with us to make their own gin. Collaborating with exceptionally experienced cocktail bartenders brought weird and wonderful flavor ideas which evolved to bring us Charismatica. We would never have made a gin like this without them which is why we love collaborating.
Charismatica is unique and powerful. It portrays the best of the old and new, paying homage to those who first created true juniper gin while embracing a world of new botanicals.
This juniper bombshell is floral, dry with a luxurious mouthfeel, and makes a perfect Martini.






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