5 Nines Distilling Frontignac 5ND107 Cask Strength Single Malt Australian Whisky 700ml


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5 Nines Distilling Frontignac Cask 5ND107 Cask Strength

5Nines have selected the best of the best to be bottled into their Cask Strength Series. This whisky is bottled exactly as found in the casks, no water added, no chill filtering, and no flocking. This is an extremely limited release. Pronounced: fro-tin-yac, Frontignac is a red grape of low colour intensity that produces white wines in sweet or dry styles.

57.8% abv

Tasting Notes

Warm sweet golden nectar
Nose : Wet earth, malt sweetness, burnt caramel
Palate : Caramel boiled lollies, bluegum honey, malt
Finish : Honey, apples, subtitle oak


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