St James Royal Ambre 700ml


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Royal Ambre is a certainly apt name for Saint James’ Rhum Agricole when looking at its bright, caramel hue. It comes from Martinique in the Caribbean Sea and is aged for 18 months to 2 years in Limousin oak barrels.
Present day St.Agnes is twice distilled in copper pot stills made by H. Jennings of Adelaide before its extended maturion in oak casks.
Producing spirit at not more than 83% is a critical aspect of production as compared to cheaper spirits that are stripped of grape character by distilling to a much higher 95%. Brandy by definition must have at least 25% of the end product distilled at not more than 83% alc/vol but with St Agnes it is 100% distilled at not more than 83% alc/vol. resulting in a much more complex spirit.
Tasting note: The minimum age of this brandy is 20 years with the oldest component distilled in 1970. Flawless polished copper colour. Plush and softly scented with enticing notes of walnut slice, dried apricot, prune and later sweeter hints of dates, raisin cake, vanilla and rancio; in some ways akin to ultra aged tawny or muscat. Light and vibrant on entry. Mid palate is medium dry, well rounded with pepper, dried apricot and more raisin cake emphasised at the finish. Ends dessert-like with prune, sweet spices (vanilla / clove) followed by raisin cake in the aftertaste. Reminiscent of top-notch Armagnac. The persistence of flavour is truly outstanding. 43% Alc./Vol.

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