St Agnes XO 15 Year Old Brandy 700mL


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St Agnes XO Is a silky smooth masterpiece that is a true credit to its makers. Nutty and complex the taste will linger on the palate for longer than you thought possible. Australia’s answer to the finest Brandies from around the world.

From Cornwall in the early 1880’s came Dr. W.T.Angove with his young family to settle at Tea Tree Gully in South Australia. He established a practise as a country doctor and planted vines as a recreation. That venture into viticulture grew into wine making and then into distilling. It was in 1910 when that young enterprise extended to Renmark in the Murray River Valley where the sun and soil grow grapes particularly suited to making fine brandy. St.Agnes X.O. is twice distilled by the time honoured pot still method and then matured in oak wood casks. The blend of spirits is no older than its youngest part and by Australian law, for a brandy to be designated “Very Old” that youngest part must have been matured in oak wood casks for at least 10 years. By this rule, St.Agnes X.O. is more than 20 years old: in the blend some portion is up to 50 years old. The age is revealed in St.Agnes’s deep amber colour, sweet vanillin nose and its rich, complex, liqueur-like palate. Australia’s answer to Cognac!

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