Skin Gin Reptile Brown German Dry Gin 500mL


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Skin Gin Reptile Brown German Dry Gin

The particularly fresh and mild taste of Skin Gin is based on the selection of handpicked botanicals, which are distilled in “Altes Land” just outside Hamburg using traditional methods: The fine essences from Moroccan mint, oranges, lemons, limes, pink grapefruit, juniper and coriander are finally combined here by hand and bottled as “skin gin”.

We also attach great importance to quality when it comes to bottle design: Each glass bottle is wrapped individually and by hand with a synthetic leather skin or leather foil in a small family manufactory in Bavaria, making each bottle unique.

Skin gin is produced in several stages: First, the Moroccan mint is distilled with the juniper from the Lüneburger Heath into a “raw gin”: Afterwards, the distillates from peels of limes, lemons, oranges and red grapefruit as well as Vietnamese coriander are added to make the balanced final product.

Due to its high-quality production, Skin Gin is also a pleasure to drink neat: In this case, it turns out to be a true “mint bomb”, which remains pleasantly mild in taste due to its low alcohol content.


Alcohol Volume: 42%


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