Oxley Cold Distilled Dry Gin (1000ml)


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The desire for cleaner aromatics in Gin has forced distillers to look for innovative ways to better translate botanicals into spirits. One of the techniques they have embraced is cold distillation (initially a laboratory technique to remove solvents from lab preparations).
Essentially, the technique consists in distilling under a vacuum, which lowers the boiling point, preserving the nuance of the more fragile compounds. Oxley is the first Gin produced on a commercial scale with this particular technique. However, with a daily production of 240 bottles, it can hardly be accused of abusing the term “craft spirit”. A true London Dry, Oxley is produced from a mix of 14 fruits and botanicals. It took 38 attempts to find the best balance and get closest to the real flavour of Juniper.

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