Lark Distillery Rum Cask III Whisky Boxed 100ml


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Lark’s third Rum Cask release sees the triumphant return of a now classic Lark finish – a spectacular joining of single malt whisky and their very own unique Tasmanian rum. 

They hand selected ten richly fortified first and second fill sherry casks from their Bothwell Distillery, then finished them in their own ex-Quiet Canon Rum casks. The result is a wonderfully lifted and treacly single malt with notes of dark toffee, nutty oak and candied citrus, invoking romantic musings of the Wild West. 

Tasting Notes:

NOSE:  Full and sweet. Golden syrup, stewed apple, cloves, and almond nougat. 

PALATE:  Wonderfully lifted, warm, and slightly resinous. Dark toffee, candied citrus, and nutty dry oak. 

FINISH:  Gunpowder, tobacco, and treacle. The Rum really comes into it’s own on the finish and invokes romantic musings of the Wild West. 

55% ABV

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