Knob Creek Rye Whisky 700mL


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                            KNOB CREEK RYE WHISKY 700ML

Made with a blend of the finest quality rye to create an extraordinarily smooth yet spicy finish, Knob Creek Rye Whiskey dares go where no Knob Creek has gone before. It’s carefully handcrafted and patiently aged to produce the signature rich, mature flavor of our distinct family. Bottled at 100 proof, it can be enjoyed neat or as the base for contemporary or classic cocktails. It’s everything you appreciate in Knob Creek blended with everything you appreciate in a rye.
It’s here! Knob Creek’s Rye Whiskey is finally here! Unveiled in the US in 2012, Knob Creek Rye has made its way to our fair shores, bringing with it a flavour profile that strikes a wonderful balance between your classic, spicy rye whiskeys and your sweeter, vanilla-fuelled high-rye-content bourbons.
Tasting Notes
Appearance:  Golden to light amber.
Nose : Spice, herbal with distinct rye character and nuances or strong aged wood.
Palate : Distinct rye spiciness with vanilla undertones of strong aged wood.
Finish : Warm, lingering spice.

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