Jacob Brut Premium Cuvee 750ml (6 Pack)


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Say hello to Jacob. Refined yet relaxed, sophisticated yet subtle and not afraid to break the rules, Jacob is the latest innovation redefining contemporary Australian sparkling. Created for people who love to discover the new and dare to be different, this premium sparkling is perfect to impress at your next dinner party, enjoy at a celebration or long lunch.

“Making sparkling wine has always been a passion and Jacob is a personal career highlight of mine. It’s a privilege to be able to craft a premium sparkling wine that Australians can enjoy with meals and celebrations across the country”.

Jacob pays homage to Australian winemaking by selecting only the best parcels from renowned cool wine regions of South Australia. Australia’s warm summer lets the grapes develop subtle flavours, while the cool nights give a crisp taste, delivering a perfectly balanced sparkling wine.

ABV 11.5%

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