Husk Distillers Pure Cane Australian Agricole


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The new taste of Australian rum.

Husk Pure Cane is an unaged agricole which captures the terroir of Northern NSW.

This young & fresh new make agricole is made from first press cane juice grown & hand cut at Husk Farm Distillery.

Pure Cane is seasonal and small batch. Earthy, grassy and full flavoured – Pure Cane is very versitile. Drink it with soda and lime, or easily mix it into classic cocktail including ti’punch, mojitos, caipirinhas or daiquiris.
This is part of Husk’s “North Coast Bar Series” of young agricole inspired spirits designed to be mixed in simple, refreshing ways. Produced from first press cane juice, it will be perfect for Caipirinhas, Ti Punch as well as many simple back-to-basics cocktails like the Mojito.

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