Giori Lemoncillo 700ml


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Giori Lemoncillo

Lemon liqueurs are rich in essential oils which also add complexity to the liqueurs flavour. Authentic Limoncello is made from Sorrento lemons which come from Italy’s Amalfi Coast. The ingredients are simple, the rines are taken from the Sorrento lemons, then soaked in pure 190 proof alcohol for about 90 days, water & sugar are added – and there you have it! “Home brewers” typically use a bottle of vodka and infuse it with lemon rinds to make a similar drink. After turning a yellowish color, you can put the vodka in the freezer and enjoy a drink that approximates to Limoncello. This version from Giori comes strikingly packaged in a pillar bottle. Serve chilled.

ABV 30%

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