Gin Mare Capri 700ml


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Gin Mare Capri

  • Gin Mare celebrates its 10th anniversary by launching this super premium Gin inspired by the perfumes of the iconic Italian island, Capri.
  • This bottle contains the same botanicals with which Gin Mare is distilled –arbequina olive, basil, rosemary and thyme –which is complemented with a surprising citrus touch by adding lemon and bergamot characteristic of the Sorrento peninsula, where the iconic Capri is found.
  • Capri combines the shape of the Gin Mare bottle with a more rounded silhouette at the top, inspired by the Blue Grotto of the Italian island and a wave at its base, simulating a wave of the sea as a nod to its connection with the Mediterranean . This new design plays with the passage of time, presenting a rough texture as if it were a wandering bottle that had been molded by the sea.
  • In addition to the design of the bottle, the label, made of fabric and the cork stopper, stands out to make a more sustainable product.
  • Gin Mare gin is perfect to pair with Mediterranean gastronomy thanks to the Arbequina olive which provides a unique texture and tasty profile.
  • Enjoy Gin Mare Capri in a balloon glass with your premium tonic and a sprig of rosemary, or prepare your own recipes and combinations.

ABV 42.7%

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