Fleurieu Distillery Ecto Gammat Cask Strength Single Malt Australian Whisky (700ml)


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This is Fleurieu’s new medium-peated port and sherry cask matured malt, labelled after a pivotal line in the classic Sci-Fi movie, ‘The Fifth Element’. Ecto Gammat means “Never without my permission”. So too with whisky barrels which are ready to be bottled when they say so, never before.

Tasting note: Brilliant topaz. Some serious Islay-style aromatics feature on the nose, easing off slightly as fruit’n’nut dark chocolate, peppermint and earthy, sooty notes develop. A gentle giant on delivery: Spent pipe tobacco infuses the barley, rounding off in an oily, mezcal-like finish. Has to be one of the most striking peated Aussie malts going around. 52% Alc./Vol.

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