Eagle Rare 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 700mL


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This outstanding bourbon is aged in oak for over 10 years. It is masterfully crafted by using product from only 1 barrel, no blending from others! The rareness of this great bourbon is most evident in its beguiling and complex nose. Each bottle of Eagle rare offers consistent flavour properties, but with seemingly individual personality that displays alternating dominant characteristic on the nose. The only bourbon to ever win the double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition five times.
Tasting note: [Single Barrel bottling tasted] Deep burnished gold / brass colour. A shellac top note dissipates to reveal scents of orange cake, spicy rye and new leather over a subtle coconut / cocoa under current. A wonderful Bourbon sniff and the complexity grows with time in the glass. The palate is concentrated, echoing the aromas. Grassy, spicy dried coconut flavours develop. Super clean and precise with impeccable balance; finishes dry and lip smacking with a subtle coconut fade – but wait for the aftertaste. It bounces back with remarkable persistence and intensity for a spirit in this price bracket. A stunning value in its category. 45% Alc./Vol.

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