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Since its creation in 1828, CHATELLE has always been the Finest Brandy appreciated around the world by discerning connoisseurs. The creator of CHATELLE – Abel PLANAT who named CHATELLE after his great-grandfather, the Chatelain (Lord) of La Faye Castle, and inscribed an “N” on the CHATELLE coat of arms to commemorate his brother’s close friendship with Emperor Napoleon I.

Distilled with the utmost care and patiently matured in small oak barrels, CHATELLE XO has a beautiful light amber colour with hints of gold, spicy yet very smooth, combining essences of apricot and vanilla with subtle nutty undertones. Enjoyed straight or on the rocks, CHATELLE XO is the Brandy par excellence.

Tasting Notes:

Eye: Deep topaz hue with amber hints

Nose: Intense and flattering, lightly oaked with exotic and spicy hints of mango and cinnamon.

Palate: Rich vanilla notes melt into a complex and well-structured palate. Elegant, deep and freshly subtle.

Alcohol Volume: 40%

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