Brogan’s Way Passionfruit Gin Liqueur 500ml


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Following the outstanding success of the 2019 release we have been busy with our friends at Marionette to make the 2020 release of this extremely popular gin liqueur. This year the fruit crop was exceptional and it shines through in this new limited release product. Once again the unique gin has been blended with a separate fresh thick cream distillate which, making the final mouth feel even richer for 2020.

Although cream is used in the distilling process, this Passionfruit Gin Liqueur is both lactose free and gluten free.

A rich, creamier liqueur with fresh tropical fruit flavours shining through, very reminiscent of homemade pavlova. The velvety texture is balanced against the acidity of the fruit and the floral notes of the gin, making the 2020 release a must have drink for any occasion.

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