Black Bull 21 Year Deluxe Scotch Whisky Blend 700ml


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Put the sizzle back into your life with this 21-year-old Scotch Whisky. Just like a 21-year-old, this whisky is full of zest, energy and has a lusting for the good times. Its a blend of mainly Highland malts with a touch of Speyside and Islay to add something a bit extra, at a huge 55% malt to grain ratio and bottled at 50% abv.

This one is for all you spice lovers out there.

Tasting Notes

Nose: Citrus, red apples, tangerines with a touch of caramel. Very lively and fresh with zesty notes – an excellent balance!

Palate: Nutmeg and cloves with sweetness of vanilla and barley sugars emerging.

Finish: Warming pepper, gentle nutty notes and toasted marshmallows to finish.

50.0% abv




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