White Possum Naked Coffee 500ml


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Naked Coffee is an unashamedly sweet and intense coffee liqueur with a thick velvety texture. Designed specifically for mixing into caffeine-heavy cocktails at an accessible price point, this is a liqueur that packs in plenty of flavour for its relatively lower alcohol content.

To make it, we partnered with a coffee roasting house in inner-city Melbourne. They not only supply us with freshly roasted coffee beans, but also collect spent coffee grounds for us from their cafe. These spent coffee grounds are dumped straight from the coffee machine into a refrigerated container to keep as much flavour in as possible before we come and whisk it away.

We infuse the fresh and spent beans in spirit then add several generous handfuls of dried wattleseed to impart a nutty and slightly cacao-like flavour. The liqueur is left to infuse for over a month before being bottled.

Contains precisely 0.0% artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Vegan friendly (we don’t use any animal products nor processes throughout).

20% ABV

Tasting Notes

On the nose you’ll meet a fistful of dark roasted coffee as well as hints of earthy spices. A quick swirl opens up warm, playful woody undertones.

On the palate you’ll be greeted with a sweet and intense wave of roasted coffee. A slight nuttiness from the wattleseed lingers in the background. After hanging around for a few seconds, this is replaced by a rising tide of fruity notes, almost lychee-like. The finish is neither short nor prolonged – somewhere in the middle – with a slight hint of mint providing a refreshing, ever so slightly bitter lingering aftertaste.

Serving Suggestions

Check out our Cocktail Recipes page for some delicious ideas on how to use Naked Coffee in your mixology.

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