White Oak Akashi Red Blended Japanese Whisky (500ml)


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Like every other whisky-making country, Japan now produces a wide range of styles, from sherry to bourbon cask matured to peated and cask strength expressions. In short, expect diversity, and a few surprises along the way.

One should also keep in mind that the Japanese whisky industry is not highly regulated. For example, their whiskies can and do combine malt whisky from Scotland with Japanese whisky. This is not an uncommon practice in Japan, and often the exact breakdown remains undisclosed.Akashi do not obfuscate about the contents. They are more open than most. For instance, they state on their labels (in Japanese) the breakdown. Some of their products are composed of local and imported (ie. non-Japanese) malt whisky combined with a high proportion of molasses spirit (some of which has been stored in barrels).

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