WA 10-year-aged Craft Gin 700ml


Minimum 6 bottles

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Meiri Shuriu utilize traditional brewing techniques and proprietary yeast strains to prompt long-term low-temperature
fermentations that result in low astringency and delicate, aromatic flavours in their award winning
sakes. After aging for over 10 years sake is vacuum distilled in a single pot still with 7 botanicals that include juniper berries, lemon peel, orange peel, and cinnamon creating a complex aroma and refreshing flavour.

Nose: A whole lot of lemon peel, juniper, and just a smidgen of black pepper.

Palate: Initially cinnamon quickly followed by cardamom and juniper. Off the end, there’s plenty of fruity citrus to be found.

Finish: That juniper lingers quite nicely, and things slowly end with mandarin and black pepper.

ABV 45%

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