Togouchi Premium Blended Japanese Whisky (750ml)


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A blend from Chugoku Jozo, who mature their whiskies in a tunnel rather than a warehouse. The temperature of the tunnel is always 15 degrees while the temperature of the cellar at the headquarters in Hatsukaichi city is a little higher than that. This is the company’s malt and grain, no age statement blend that includes a sublte peated component.

Other reviews… On the nose, it’s very grainy with notes of butterscotch, cotton candy and a bit of freshly cut grass. Apparently, this is a blend of 8yo malt and corn whisk(e)y, but you may be forgiven for thinking this was a grain whisky. In fact, it reminds me of Nikka’s Coffey Grain – that’s how dominant the grain is. On the palate, you get corn bread, marshmallows, soft caramel candy, white pepper, nutmeg, agave syrup and a slight bitterness (goya). The finish is sweet and spicy, but rather short. If you’re a Bourbon fan, you’ll dig this. –

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