The West Winds Gin The Broadside Navy Strength Gin 750mL




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Maybe the first spirit in the world to apply seawater to it’s core, The Broadside Gin shows intense tones of sea salt and lifted citrus notes. It is a perfect example of what high proof spirits can offer. Historically speaking, at Navy strength of 58%, it meant that the gunpowder will still burn if it is ever accidentally spilled on a ship’s gunpowder stocks! Try it in a Salty Dog or Collins with lemon peel.

Jeremy Spencer and Jason Chan’s latest effort is this full strength limited edition gin based on traditional botanicals like juniper, orris root, coriander and angelica as well as less typical ingredients like sea parsley, lemon verbena and Margaret River ocean water. It’s a great addition to the West Winds stable. The name references the most brazen, aggressive and fearless of naval war tactics where warships released a close-range barrage of firepower from every gun along one side of the hull.


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