The West Winds Barrel Expedition Gin 700ml


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The second voyage of our Barrel Expedition series is a truly unique expression of our limited release Captain’s Cut Gin.  After maturing for 2 years in an aged Gewürztraminer barrel the peppery notes of the gin’s native sage and thyme are tempered with time in oak. Floral aromas of violet and soft pine produce an elegant gin with sophisticated depth. We have released the Barrel Expedition II at a very approachable (45% ABV).

Barrel-aged gins are created by undergoing a period of time maturing in oak casks. These oak casks have usually been previously used to store whiskey or wine or some other liquor.  The fundamental idea is to enhance the flavour of the gin by imbuing the liquid with some of the flavours and aromas of the oak barrel and the liquid that it previously contained.

We take great care to ensure that the barrels we use and the time our gins spend in the barrel creates a flavour profile that tastes like gin but has that extra special something from the barrel.

Serve on the rocks or add a dash of soda water with a slice of Lemon or a sprig of Lemon thyme to really open up the flavour.

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