That Spirited Lot The Gram Bizarre Turkish Delight Gin 700ml


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There’s nothing traditional about this one!

ABV: 40%

Method: Single Shot Pot

Still: Doris

Inspired By

Warning! Many roses were harmed in the making of this gin. This cheeky number tastes like a sweet Turkish Delight. The great divider – you will either love it or hate it.

Tasting Notes

A soft and floral gin with a super rosey aroma, this sweet spirit will linger on your palate.

Botanical Profile

Juniper base notes with rose, pistachio, ginger and highlights of lemon.

Production Method

Single shot, pot distilled, the gentle hue of this spirit is achieved by maceration with hibiscus flowers post-distillation.

Serving Suggestion

Perfect for cocktails or in a G&T with a twist.

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