Sullivans Cove Single Cask American Oak Single Malt Whisky 700ml


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Australia’s second-highest awarded whisky.

Before the French Oak came into its own, Sullivan’s Cove American Oak was the Australian champion whisky. Twice named the Best Whisky in the Rest of the World and the first Australian whisky to achieve Liquid Gold status in Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, it is fitting that the only whisky to surpass it would be from the same stable. Single cask, non-chill filtered and matured in American oak ex-Bourbon barrels.


NOSE: Malt, spice, subtle nutty characters and light cream.
PALATE: Rounded, full, creamy. Initially lots of sweet barley and fruit at front of palate, vanilla comes through and citrus notes in the middle palate.
FINISH: Honeyed, long, even finish with great balance.


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