Sortilege Original Canadian Maple Whisky Liqueur 700ml


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Canada`s best selling Maple Spirit. 100% Canadian product, recreated from an authentic Quebec heritage recipe. We use only the finest quality ingredients, the highest grade of pure Canadian Maple Syrup (Canada #1-Extra Clear) and genuine Canadian Rye Whisky. Our Canadian Whisky is made from 100% Canadian grain and distilled to the highest standards. The mash bill is Rye grain heavy with over 51% of the flavour coming from Western Canadian Rye.

We age our Canadian Whisky a minimum of 36 months (3 years) in selected white oak barrels to guarantee exceptional smoothness. Weather drives the flow of maple sap and year to year we have a unique Maple crop. Each batch is expertly blended by Master Distiller Michel Marcil. His skill combines the handcrafted components in just the right proportions to ensure a perfect balance and taste in every bottle year after year. Canadian Rye Whisky & pure Canadian Maple Syrup in perfect harmony.


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