Smirnoff Honey Vodka & Fire Starter Vodka X 2 bottles-Bonus Deal


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SMIRNOFF® Wild Honey ripple combines the pure, sweet taste of golden honey with a wild side of floral fruitiness that could only be found in nature.


Firestarter Vodka Fire Extinguisher shaped Moldavian Vodka – 700ml

he proud Moldovan distillers continue to perfect their trade and solidify their outstanding reputation as the world’s vodka experts.

 Using only the finest winter whet from the fields of eastern europe, Firestarter Vodka now comes west bringing traditio and a world-class smoothness born from a brilliant 19th century recipe.

 The multi-award winning packaging looks like a fire extinguisher and comes with a built-in, bartender friendly, high-speed pour spout. Simply twist off the valve cap and Firestarter Vodka pours

directly from the spout

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