Siembra Azul Reposado Tequila 700ml


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Siembra Azul celebrates a decade of excellence with the Suro Special Anniversary Edition Reposado. This bottle represents 10 years of work. It is a careful blend selected by our Master Distiller. The velvet-like texture, spices, and floral notes of agave are worthy of celebration.

This Special Anniversary Edition Reposado is a celebration of 10 years in the highlands. Over 10 years of producing tequila at NOM 1414, we have accumulated a stunning variety of rested and aged tequilas. Our stocks of proprietary oak barrels present the opportunity to prepare a superior blend for our loyal customers in an affordable manner. We wanted to make something special for all the people who have supported our vision over the past decade.

We’re blending our stocks of Extra Anejos, we’re calling it a Reposado, and giving it to you! Regardless of age, ambiguous regulation allows tequila to be identified as a less aged category but not a more aged category. The truth is, our consumer niche prefers the pure expressions of agave that Siembra Azul has been known for. Our aging practices ensured the flavor profiles were elevated for those who enjoy aged tequila. This is for you!

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