Scapa Skiren Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)


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Founded in 1885 and presently owned by Chivas Brothers, Scapa’s unique flavour profile has been attributed to their still and water source. It’s the only distillery in Scotland that has a Lomond wash still, a type containing perforated plates to give greater control on the reflux action of spirit. The operation also employs a comprehensive pipe system from source to distillery which reduces exposure to contaminants on the water’s journey from the source. Some apparent peat influence can be found in the whisky, though not in a smoky form, rather it comes across as added depth, richness or sweetness, and sometimes with an almost oily mouth feel. The whisky is matured in warehouses that are very close to the sea, which in some minds gives Scapa an unusual salty tang.

A 2015 addition to the Scapa range, the Skiren is a handsomely honey’d single malt Scotch whisky which has been distilled in the Scotch whisky industry’s only remaining working Lomond Still! It was matured in first fill American oak casks, bringing plenty of vanilla and honey notes to the table. The name comes from the Old Norse word for “glittering bright skies”…

Other reviews… An initial hint of lime cordial, then musty peaches, almonds, cinnamon, and table salt. More peaches on the palate, with tinned pear and a little honey. Tingling spices in the drying finish, which soon becomes quite bitter – detracting from the overall balance. 40% Alc./Vol.

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