Santanera Tequila Organic Silver 750ml


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Santanera Tequila Organic Silver

Each Santanera Organic Tequila is produced in single batches that pay homage to the single terroir in which the Agave selected has been grown. Thus, each batch is unique and never to be repeated. Less than 1% of all Tequila in production are certified organic, with no use of pesticides, additives, flavours or cultivated yeasts.

Batch Piedra is produced using Agave from Geographical coordinates: 20°52’57.4“N 103°47’16.2”W. The Lote Piedra terroir is characterized by a rocky, limestone, low humidity and soil with a high mineral content. It is located at 1400m above sea level and has an average inclination of 25°.

ABV  42%

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