Royal Dragon Imperial & Royal Dragon Good Luck Special Edition 700ML


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Royal Dragon Imperial Vodka

Royal Dragon Vodka is a unique concept with a different approach, combining the best ingredients from around the World – Superior Russian Vodka, Swiss Gold, the Asian Dragon, Diamond from Belgium, Italian packaging and Dutch Design.

Royal Dragon is the ultimate expression of Superior Vodka. A small batch Vodka, exclusively distilled in Russia from the finest winter harvest rye. To achieve elemental softness and purity, our Vodka is five times distilled, using a century old copper pot still. We remain committed to deliver the highest in quality and the ultimate tasting experience.

For those who enjoy the exquisite, discover a superior balanced Vodka in the following collections: Elite, Imperial, The Emperor ‘Limited Edition’ & Customized Collection

Royal Dragon Good Luck Special Edition

The defining experience and ‘Good Luck’ Edition of Royal Dragon. The masterly hand-blown bottle with a sculptured glass Dragon. An exceptional piece of Art is the signature of Royal Dragon, a peerless Superior Vodka!

The ‘Good Luck’ Edition is an exclusive gift with a stunning packaging in the colors of gold and red symbolizing good fortune and joy. A customized concept to wish ‘Good Luck’ for your dear friends, family, parties and business relations.

“May the Superior Taste of Royal Dragon Vodka bring Luck & Success to you”

Liquor Style:  Vodka
Brand Name: Royal Dragon
Liquor Style:   Vodka
Size 700mL
Alcohol Volume:  40.0%

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