Roberto Cavalli Gold Edition Super Premium Italian Vodka 1Lt


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Roberto Cavalli Vodka Gold edition sparks and glitters from afar, giving a spectacular show when it stands on the exclusive tables of the most prestigious clubs. The effect is generated by the special metal coating which decorates and covers all the bottle. This process is carried out by special machineries which take advantage of the absence of pressure and of the electrostatic force to transfer the particles of the metal film onto the surface already covered by a special paint. Metallization ends after treating the surface again with transparent varnishes. The amazing result is a surface with mirror effect, absolutely not reproducible with other printing techniques. The traditional logo of the brand and the texture of the animalier print at the bottom of the design are highlighted in neat black. Roberto Cavalli Vodka Gold edition is produced in a 1000 ml size only and distributed in selected markets for allocated quantities in 2017.

Clean and genuine aroma with a soft echo of citrus.

Sweet, soft and well-balanced, with a fine, silky elegance.

Long and soft, with a minerality that gradually fades away.

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