Purity Vodka Small Batch Swedish Vodka-700ML


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The world’s most awarded ultra-premium vodka, distilled 34 times, made with wheat and barley. Recently awarded Grand Vodka Master 4 years running, as well as Grand Spirit Master


By the time we finish pot distilling the heart of our vodka a remarkable 34 times, only the finest 10% has enough character and full-bodied taste worthy enough to be called Purity® Vodka. So refined no filtration is necessary.

Small Batch, Craft Distilled, 600 cases per batch, each bottle showcases a unique batch and bottle number to signal its authenticity.

Certified Organic& Gluten free a refined blend of organic winter wheat and malted barley.

First vodka to win Vodka of the Year four years in a row at the Spirits Masters.

Only $97.99 per bottle


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