Pike Creek Double Barrelled Small Batch Blended Canadian Whiskey (750ml)


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The Small Batch Canadian whiskies continue the trend that began with Jim Beam’s Small Batch Bourbons. The philosophy is to follow traditional production methods in order to create a highly individual range of products each with its own idiosyncrasies. Three new additions to the Canadian Whiskey portfolio have arrived in Australia from the McCormick distilling Company located in historic Weston, Missouri. McCormick’s commenced operation in 1856 when Ben Holladay started making fine whiskey using pure limestone spring water from the local area. Today, McCormick is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the U.S and is listed on the National Register of Historic Sites. Supplying spirits to all 50 states and 37 foreign countries, McCormick is a vast, multi-faceted operation that retains its history while continuing to innovate with award-winning new products.To create the Small Batch Canadian Collection, McCormick’s import Canadian whiskey for final blending, maturation and bottling under their own label. The result remains undeniably Canadian in both quality and style.

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