Paul Giraud XO Grande Champagne Cognac (700ml)


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A brandy from the core of Cognac, ‘Grande Champagne’ where the most prized vineyards are located. This is a soft, delicate, sweetish style which has reached twenty five years of age.

The Paul Giraud XO Grande Champagne Cognac is an absolute treasure to behold – aged for 25 years, this artisanal Cognac is the result of maturing some of the finest wines of the Grande Champagne region into a delectably sweet, oak-rich masterpiece.

The Giraud line settled in Bouteville in the South-West of France centuries ago, and since then they’ve been tending to their vineyards and learning the extreme finesse that goes into making one of France’s finest cognacs.

With a warm, sherry-hinted depth, the Paul Giraud XO Grande Champagne Cognac is a highly sought-after, highly valued creation – one that will enchant you with every single drop.

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