Okayama Gokusei Shochu 720ml


Minimum 6 bottles

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A classic-style Shochu distilled from Koji roice, that is aged long-term in restaved ex-shochu barrels to allow the spirits intrinsic qualities to really take main stage with only a moderate oak influence. Engendered with a refreshingly crisp and light flavour it is packaged in Mino pottery from Toki City in the Gifu Prefecture.

Nose: Rich, vibrant, a haystack, nectarine, and green apple.

Palate: Medium bodied with a spicy, fruity, and dry profile. summer sonefruits, fino sherry, grassy and herbacious undertones belie a mélange of sweet summer berries.

Finish: Long, crisp, and refreshing with a light and velvety mouthfeel, fino sherry and a hint of tart raspberries.
Ends with a nice orange zing.

ABV – 25%

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