Okayama Barley Shochu Daido Mumon 720ml


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Okayama Barley Shochu uses locally sourced ‘Nijo’ barley from Okayama Prefecture to create an exquisite barley-based Shochu matured is sherry casks. It has been packaged in a Kuromino ware vase, with artwork created by master calligrapher and resident of Okayama, Dr. Ryusuke Katayama. Awarded 1st Prize in the Barley Shochu Category of the 2013 Autumn National Japan Liquor Competition.

Nose: Barely, vanilla, bready, McWilliam’s Cream Apera.

Palate: Robust yet done so with great finnesse; red berries, marzipan, fresh oak and barley all intermigle nicely.
Sherried Highland profile, Glenddronach or Glengoyne?

Finish: medium-long, wild berries, barley, whisps of dark cacao, and Amontillado.

ABV – 25%

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