Nixta Corn Liqueur 750ml


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Nixta Corn Liqueur 750ml

Nixta Licor de Elote Corn Liqueur is made from a base of tender, ancestral cacahuazintle (kaka-wha-sint-lay) maize, grown in the high valleys and foothills of the Nevado de Toluca volcano. Nixta is produced at the Destilería y Bodega Abasolo, where they honour the Mexican culture of corn and the ancestral craft of nixtamalization—a 4,000 year old Mesoamerican cooking technique that uncovers the deepest flavours and aromas of maize.

To create Nixta, the best tender corn of the season is macerated in an exquisite corn distillate and sweetened with clarified sweet wort—both produced from ancestral cacahuazintle grown near the distillery at a height of more than 7,000 feet above sea level. Pure cacahuazintle corn is used in two different stages of development: Cacahuazintle sweet corn is macerated and prepared to extract all its delicate flavour and ripe, cacahuazintle kernels are nixtamalized to produce a sweet wort and alcohol. Together these ingredients make Nixta Licor de Elote into a flavourful, versatile liqueur that is true to its origin.

Aromas of cornbread, caramel and popcorn lead to more flavours of buttery popcorn on the palate with a toasty caramel popcorn finish.

ABV  30%

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