Nikka Rare Old Super Blended Japanese Whisky (700ml)


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43% ABV 700ml

Super Nikka is a blended whisky born in 1962.
Masataka devoted himself into creating this whisky soon after his wife Rita’s death to represent his deep love for her.
He could never have accomplished his dream to make genuine whisky in Japan without the support from Rita.

Super Nikka is a classic style of blended whisky with gentle peatiness and hints of vanilla and sherry.
These beautiful flavors are rounded and well-balanced with a smooth texture and mellow mouthfeel.

Quite youthful aromas of citrus fruit, sherry wood spices and a touch of smoke. The palate is mellow with some citrus and plenty of sherry wood spices. Quite balanced with a good citrus complexity and a slightly smoky finish. Water brings out a floral orange Muscat note, whilst on the palate it brings out some vanilla nuances. – World Whisky Awards Category Winner 2015“Opulent and gently peaty with the essence of aged sherry casks, this whisky goes down smooth with a well-rounded and balanced flavor” – ISC 2008 Gold Medal winner.

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