Milk & Honey Elements Red Wine Single Malt Israeli Whisky 700ml


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Milk & Honey Elements Red Wine

Milk & Honey Elements Red Wine Cask was matured in ex-red wine barrels that were sourced from Israel’s finest wineries for this part of the Elements trilogy. The Mediterranean’s climate, variety of soil types, hot sunny days and cool nights bring a spicy and unique flavour to Israeli wine – and in turn, the casks.

46% abv

Tasting Notes

Aroma : Red dried fruits, ginger, oak, and delicate coconut bouquet lead a gentle mineral perfume.

Palate : Light bodied. Wine flavours coat the mouth, accompanied by subtle oak and vanilla notes, followed by gentle floral blossoms.

Finish : Medium. The dried fruits and wine linger, finishing with a touch of dark raisins.



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